About the Authors

Kenneth Pike

The second of nine children, Kenneth Pike (who still thinks of himself as “Kenny”) spent his childhood surrounding himself with books, comics, cartoons, action figures, and video games. He loved the stories each could tell, but what he loved best of all was telling stories.

As a missionary in Spokane, Washington, he told stories about the gospel. As a student of philosophy at BYU, he took electives in creative writing. You might not think there are many opportunities to tell stories while managing a team of computer technicians for an Internet company, but Kenny found them. When he went back to BYU to study law, he was happy to discover that telling stories was a major part of the curriculum.

Now a lawyer in Arizona, Kenny spends as much time as he can playing video games and board games with his wife—#1 New York Times bestselling author Aprilynne Pike—and telling stories to their four children. He is also pursuing graduate studies in philosophy.

He still collects action figures.

Kenneth Pike

Over the course of his life, Isaac Stewart has had more dreams than there are freckles on his back. When he was eight he wanted to invent faster-than-light travel. At eleven he dreamed of being the first person on Mars. At thirteen he thought there could be nothing better than owning a sled-dog team and winning the Iditarod. Despite these passing obsessions, one dream never left him: he wanted to write and illustrate books.

Since then, Isaac has served a mission in the Philippines, graduated with a BFA from BYU, and worked for over a decade in the video game and entertainment industries. Though he hasn't yet made it to Mars, he loves to travel and has lived in Germany twice.

In addition to his work on Jacob’s Journal of Doom, Isaac is responsible for most of the interior art and symbols in the Mistborn and Stormlight Archive series by New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson.

Isaac never got the sled dog team of his dreams, but he did marry the woman of his dreams. They live in Utah with their three children, and maybe someday when the kids are big enough, Isaac will hook them up to a sled and see how far they can pull it.